Understanding SASSA SRD Appeal Meanstest Status: What You Need to Know

What does it mean when you see the “Meanstest” status after submitting a SASSA SRD appeal? This is a question that might be running through your mind if you’ve recently appealed a declined COVID-19 SRD grant. Understanding the SASSA SRD Appeal “Meanstest” status can feel confusing, but it’s a crucial step in your appeal journey. In this article, we’ll break down what this status means, what happens next, and what you can do if you find yourself in this situation.

SASSA SRD Appeal Meanstest Status Explained

So, you’ve applied for the Covid-19 SRD grant and got declined. You didn’t agree with the decision, so you submitted an appeal. Now you’ve received a status called Meanstest. What does it mean?

The “Meanstest” status is part of the SASSA SRD appeal process. It’s a step where SASSA checks for any money entering your bank account in the previous month. The test helps SASSA decide if you meet the criteria for the grant. To clarify, “Meanstest” is not a final decision. It’s a review step to make sure you are eligible for the grant you applied for. So what happens after this test?

What Happens After The Meanstest?

Suppose no funds entered your account in the past month; good news! Your grant will be approved, and you’ll receive your payment. However, if funds did enter your account, your application remains declined. This is what the “Meanstest” status helps to determine.

The goal is to ensure that the SRD grant goes to people who are financially in need. SASSA aims to make fair decisions, and that’s where the “Meanstest” status comes into play. What can you do if funds enter your account but you still need the grant? Are there any options left for you?

What If You Still Need The Grant?

If funds have entered your account, but you’re still in a financial pinch, it may feel frustrating. However, the “Meanstest” status is not necessarily the end of the road. Consider reaching out to SASSA for further clarification on your case.

Though the “Meanstest” is a pivotal step, it’s not the final say. Sometimes, there might be exceptional circumstances that SASSA could consider. The key here is to communicate your situation clearly.

Remember, the appeal process is designed to ensure that only those who meet the requirements get the grant. But if you genuinely need it, don’t hesitate to seek more information or clarification.


SASSA SRD Appeal Meanstest status is essential if you’re in the process of appealing a declined grant application. It helps you know what to expect and what steps you can take next. The “Meanstest” serves as a financial check to ensure that the grant reaches those who need it most. If you pass this test, you are one step closer to receiving your much-needed grant.

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