Transfer Money from SASSA Card to Capitec – Quick & Easy Guide

Transferring money from your SASSA (South African Social Security Agency) card to a Capitec account is a convenient and efficient process. This guide provides an easy-to-follow method for SASSA grant recipients, including those receiving the SRD R350 social relief grant, to transfer funds directly to their bank accounts, eliminating the need to visit the Post Office. Whether you have a Capitec or Standard Bank account, the process remains straightforward and quick.

Why Transfer to a Capitec Bank Account?

  • Ease of Access: Direct bank transfers offer easier access to funds.
  • Safety and Convenience: Avoid the queues and potential risks of withdrawing cash from the Post Office.

Requirements for the Transfer

Before initiating the transfer, ensure the following:

  • An active SASSA card.
  • Your Capitec account details. This includes your account number, account type, and branch code.

Step-by-Step Process to Transfer Funds

  • Visit the SASSA Change Banking Details Page: Go online to the official SASSA portal for changing banking details.
  • Fill Out the Banking Details Form: This form alters your payment method from the SASSA card to your bank account.
    • Enter your 13-digit South African ID number and cell phone number.
    • Upon receiving a 6-digit OTP on your phone, enter it and click ‘Verify Pin.’
  • Enter Your Capitec Bank Details: Ensure accurate entry of your Capitec Bank account number, branch code, and account type.
  • Submit the Form: Finalize your request for the transfer. Once processed, SASSA will deposit future payments directly to your Capitec account.

Important Notes for SASSA Card Holders

  • Account Ownership: The bank account must be in your name; SASSA will not deposit funds into an account belonging to someone else.
  • Mobile Number Registration: The phone number receiving the SMS must be registered in your name.
  • Verification Timeframe: It may take up to 30 days for the new banking details to be verified and linked to the SASSA payment system. You will be notified upon completion of this process.


Transferring money from a SASSA card to a Capitec account is a simple and quick process, taking only about a minute. By following these steps, you can ensure a smooth transition and enjoy the convenience of receiving your SASSA grants directly into your bank account. Remember, it’s crucial to provide accurate information and be patient, as the verification process can take some time.

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