SASSA Status Check Failed: A Quick Guide

Navigating through the application or reconfirmation process for a South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) grant can be complex, and encountering a “SASSA Status Check Failed” message only adds to the confusion. In this blog post, we’ll explore what this message means, how you can address it, and how to proceed with your application or reconfirmation for your SASSA grant.

What Does “SASSA Status Check Failed” Really Mean?

If you encounter a “SASSA Status Check Failed” alert while monitoring your SASSA grant application, don’t panic. Typically, this message indicates an internal issue within the SASSA system rather than a problem with your grant funds. Here are some reasons why you might encounter this error:

Technical Glitches:

Often, the issue is a temporary technical malfunction that blocks the status check. Trying again later or using another method (e.g., WhatsApp instead of online) might yield a different result.

Incomplete or Incorrect Information: 

Ensure that your submitted information matches what SASSA has on file. If you’re unsure, contact SASSA for clarification.

Application Processing Time: 

If your application is still being processed, you might also see this status. Your best bet here is to wait patiently for the system to update.

How Can I Resolve a “SASSA Status Check Failed” Issue?

Fixing this problem depends on its underlying cause. Here are some solutions:

For Denied Applications

If you’re denied a grant, you can appeal to the Department of Social Development, which is then forwarded to an independent tribunal for reevaluation.

For Pending Applications

If your application is in “pending” status, you might not have any option but to wait. However, you can contact SASSA to see if any issues are causing the delay.

For Approved but Unpaid Applications

Remember that SASSA disburses payments on specific days if your status is “approved,” but you haven’t received the funds yet. You’ll need to wait until the designated payday for funds to appear in your account.

Reconfirming Your SRD SASSA Grant

If you want to reconfirm your Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant, you’ll need to log into the SRD application website and go to the “reconfirm existing application” option. You must provide your original ID and phone numbers and then complete the reapplication form to proceed.

How Long Does a SASSA Appeal Take?

The typical timeline for a SASSA appeal is 60-90 days. The appeal goes to an independent tribunal, and the duration depends on the volume of appeals they are handling.

Troubleshooting “SASSA Reinstate Failed”

If you’ve had a grant in the past and canceled it, you can attempt to reinstate it. Please do so generally means there are errors in your information, or you’re no longer eligible for the grant. In such cases, contacting SASSA directly through their official channels is advisable to resolve the issue.


Dealing with a “SASSA Status Check Failed” can be nerve-wracking, but understanding its causes and solutions can make the process more manageable. Whether it’s a minor technical glitch or an issue that requires more immediate attention, knowing your next steps can help you navigate through the SASSA system more efficiently. You can contact SASSA at 080060 10 11 for additional support or email them at

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