SASSA Documents and Affidavits: Direct Downloads & Tips

Need help with SASSA papers? The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has some important documents and affidavits you need to know about. As with any formal process, documentation is crucial. This guide breaks down the essential SASSA documents, focusing on affidavits, and provides to download them.

What are SASSA Documents?

SASSA documents refer to the set of forms and paperwork necessary for individuals to access the benefits and programs offered by the agency. This could range from applications for grants, appeals against decisions, or any other forms of administrative requests. Each document is specially crafted to ensure the correct information is collected, providing a smoother processing experience.

Why are Affidavits Essential for SASSA?

An affidavit is a written statement confirmed by oath or affirmation, often used as evidence in court. For SASSA purposes, affidavits serve as a tool to verify statements or facts when other documentary proofs are unavailable. For instance, if an applicant cannot provide a birth certificate, an affidavit explaining the situation and verifying the date of birth can be used as an alternative.

Essential SASSA Documents and Affidavits

Older Person’s Grant Affidavit (Annexure I-1)

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If you’re applying for the old age grant, you must complete the Annexure I-1 affidavit. This form verifies your details, confirms you’re not in a state institution, and discloses your marital status and any income or assets. After filling it out, get it stamped by a commissioner of oaths or SAPS, and include your thumbprint. Ensure this is done correctly to avoid application delays.

Disability Grant Affidavit (Annexure I-2)

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For individuals pursuing the disability grant, it’s essential to complete the designated form accurately. This document is vital for verifying personal particulars such as full name, ID number, age, and physical address. Additionally, it offers a section for applicants to assert they aren’t occupants of state institutions. The form also captures marital status details and information regarding any income or assets owned directly by the applicant or their spouse.

As a concluding step, ensure the form bears the stamp and signature of a commissioner of oaths or a SAPS official, complemented by the applicant’s thumbprint, solidifying its authenticity and paving the way for a seamless grant application process.

Child Support Grant Affidavit (Annexure I-4)

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Applicants for the child support grant need to fill out a dedicated form detailing their personal information and the child’s specifics, such as names, ID numbers, ages, and addresses. The form also ensures the applicant confirms their status as the primary caregiver or biological parent, the child’s living situation, and the absence of any financial gain for child care. If multiple children are involved, their details must also be listed.

For validation, the form requires details about the applicant’s marital status and income, whether their own or spouse’s. To finalize, it’s essential to have the document stamped by a commissioner of oaths or SAPS and affix the applicant’s thumbprint, ensuring a smooth grant application process.

Care Dependency Grant Affidavit (Annexure I-5)

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Those applying for the care dependency grant must complete a specific form confirming their details and the child’s information, including names, ID numbers, ages, and addresses. The paper further ensures applicants establish their role as the child’s parent, foster parent, or primary caregiver. It’s crucial to confirm the child’s living circumstances with the applicant and that the child isn’t housed in a state-funded institution. Additionally, the form captures the applicant’s marital status and income sources.

To ensure the application’s validity, the form should be endorsed by a commissioner of oaths or SAPS, accompanied by the applicant’s thumbprint, facilitating a smoother grant process.

Grant-in-Aid Affidavit (Annexure I-7)

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For those seeking the grant-in-aid, a specific form stands at the forefront of the application process. Applicants must diligently provide their details, ensuring the authenticity of their name, ID number, age, and physical address. This form also serves as a platform for applicants to verify their current beneficiary status, indicating whether they receive the older person grant, war veterans grant, or disability grant. It’s equally essential to note that applicants should not be residents of any state institution and must genuinely need consistent assistance from another individual.

To wrap up the application and maintain its legitimacy, the document needs the endorsement of a commissioner of oaths or a SAPS representative, and the final touch is the applicant’s thumbprint, ensuring the document’s authenticity and paving the path for seamless grant approval.

School Attendance Verification (Annexure E)

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When applying for the child support grant, it’s suggested to include the proof of school attendance form for children aged 7 to 18. While not mandatory, the government urges parents to submit this for transparency. The form should list the child’s details, the school’s name and contact, the child’s academic results, and attendance.

To make the form official, it needs the principal’s signature and the school’s stamp. This ensures a more streamlined process and shows commitment to the child’s education.

Bank Payment Authorization Form

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For SASSA grant recipients preferring bank transfers over in-store cash collections, there’s a specific form to fill out. This form requires applicants to provide and verify personal details, including full name, ID number, physical address, cellphone number, and email address.

In addition, the form mandates the inclusion of the applicant’s banking details, such as the bank name, account number, branch code, and account type. As a measure of validation, a corresponding bank document, like a bank statement or proof of account, should accompany the form. To finalize the procedure, an applicant’s signature is a must.

Tips for Successfully Submitting Your SASSA Documents

  • Ensure Accuracy: Any inaccuracies or mistakes can delay the processing of your application. Double-check all information before submission.
  • Keep Copies: It’s a good practice to keep a copy of every document you submit for your records.
  • Seek Assistance if Unsure: If any part of the document or affidavit confuses you, seek assistance from a SASSA office representative or someone knowledgeable.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the purpose of affidavits in the SASSA grant application process?

Affidavits serve as a legal declaration confirming the authenticity of the information the applicant provides.

Can I apply for a SASSA grant without providing any affidavits?

Some grants may require specific affidavits for validation. Always check the grant’s requirements.

What happens if the details in my affidavit need to be corrected?

Supplying correct details can ensure your application is completed on time, or it might be declined. Ensure all details are accurate before submission.


While the world of official documents and affidavits may seem daunting initially, understanding what’s required and where to find it can simplify the process immensely. With this guide, you’re now equipped to navigate the SASSA document landscape with ease. Remember always to ensure your information is accurate and up-to-date, ensuring a seamless experience with SASSA.

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