How to Check Your R350 Status with Moya App

Are you eagerly awaiting updates on your R350 grant application? Look no further! With the Moya App, you can effortlessly check the status of your application and receive real-time notifications. In this article, we’ll guide you through the simple steps of using the Moya App to track your R350 grant status. Say goodbye to endless phone calls and long waiting times, and say hello to convenience and peace of mind.

What is the Moya App? Simplifying Access to Government Services

How to Check Your R350 Status with Moya App

The Moya App is a mobile application for South African citizens, offering various services and information. Its primary goal is to simplify access to multiple government services and improve communication between citizens and government agencies.

With the Moya App, users can conveniently access services such as checking the status of their R350 grant application, receiving timely notifications about application updates, and accessing other government services and information. The app features a user-friendly interface and intuitive functionality, ensuring a smooth interaction with government systems and keeping users well-informed about their applications. The app saves users valuable time and effort by eliminating the need for time-consuming phone calls or visits to government offices.

Available for both Android and iOS devices, the Moya App requires users to create an account and provide necessary personal details for identification purposes. Once logged in, users can easily navigate through the app’s menu to access specific services, including checking their R350 grant status.

How to Check Your R350 Status with Moya App

1. Downloading and Installing the Moya App

The first step to accessing your R350 status is downloading the Moya App on your smartphone. Visit your app store, search for “Moya App,” and click the download button. Once the app is installed, open it and proceed to the next step? Click here to get the Moya App.

2. Creating Your Moya Account

To use the Moya App, you’ll need to create an account. Don’t worry; it’s a quick and easy process. Launch the app and click on the “Create Account” button. Fill in the required details, including your name, South African ID number, and contact information. Make sure to double-check the accuracy of your data for seamless communication.

3. Logging In and Granting Permissions

After creating your account, log in using the credentials you provided during registration. The Moya App may request specific permissions to access your device’s features, such as notifications and location. Granting these permissions ensures you receive timely updates about your R350 grant application.

4. Navigating to the R350 Status Check

Once logged in, navigate to the main menu of the Moya App. Look for the “R350 Status” or similar option and click on it. This will take you to the dedicated section where you can track the progress of your application.

5. Entering Your Application Details

In this step, you must provide the necessary information to retrieve your R350 grant application status. Fill in the required fields, such as your application reference number, ID number, and any other details specified by the app. It’s essential to enter accurate information to ensure the system can locate your application successfully.

6. Checking Your R350 Status

Once you’ve entered the required details, click the “Check Status” or similar button. The Moya App will communicate with the relevant government systems to retrieve your R350 grant status. Within moments, you’ll receive an update on the progress of your application, including whether it’s approved, pending, or declined. You can also access additional information, such as payment dates and required actions.

The Moya App does not support the application for SASSA grants. To apply for SASSA grants, including the SRD (Social Relief of Distress) grant, you must visit the SASSA website or contact them directly.

The Moya App and SASSA Grants: Application Possibilities

The Moya App does not support the application for SASSA grants. To apply for the SRD SASSA grant, you can follow these steps:

  • Visit the official SASSA website (
  • Look for the section related to grant applications or the SRD grant.
  • Fill in the required information, including your details, identification number, and contact information.
  • Verify the provided information and ensure its accuracy.
  • Submit your application electronically through the website.

Alternatively, you can apply for the SRD SASSA grant by visiting your nearest SASSA office or contacting them directly using the mentioned contact details.

Understanding SASSA SRD Grant Payments: Moya App Limitations

Currently, the Moya app does not support receiving SASSA SRD (Social Relief of Distress) grant payments. The Moya app functions similarly to popular instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and is not capable of direct payment processing. As a result, SASSA grant payments are exclusively made through bank transfers or credited to your Post Office account per established procedures.

Reach out to SASSA: Contact Details for Support and Inquiries

If you need to contact the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA), you can reach them using the following contact details:

  • SASSA Toll-Free Number: You can call SASSA’s toll-free number at 0800 60 10 11 to get assistance or information regarding their services.
  • SASSA Head Office: If you prefer to contact their head office directly, you can reach them at 012 400 2322. This number can be used for more specific inquiries or if you need to speak with someone at the head office.
  • SASSA Head Office Email: Alternatively, you can email This email address is specifically for grant-related inquiries and can be used to seek assistance or clarification on grant-related matters.

Using these contact details, you can contact SASSA to address any concerns, seek information, or receive support regarding their services and programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Moya App available for both Android and iOS devices?

Yes, the Moya App is available for download on Android and iOS devices. Visit the respective app stores to download and install the app.

What should I do if I encounter an error or have trouble accessing my R350 status?

You can contact the app’s support team if you experience any issues or have difficulty accessing your R350 status through the Moya App. They are dedicated to assisting users and resolving any concerns promptly.

Can I receive notifications about my R350 status updates?

Absolutely! The Moya App provides real-time notifications, ensuring you stay informed about any R350 grant application status changes. You’ll receive alerts directly on your smartphone, allowing you to act accordingly.


Thanks to the Moya App, checking your R350 status has never been easier or more convenient. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can effortlessly track the progress of your R350 grant application and receive real-time updates. Say goodbye to uncertainty and welcome the peace of mind that comes with knowing the status of your application. Download the Moya App today and stay connected to the progress of your R350 grant with just a few taps on your smartphone.

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