Grant-In-Aid For SASSA

The Grant-in-Aid is a unique financial assistance initiative in South Africa designed to provide additional support to individuals who are already beneficiaries of specific grants and require full-time care due to physical or mental disabilities. This article will outline the eligibility requirements and provide a detailed guide on how to apply for the Grant-in-Aid.


Eligibility Requirements Grant-In-Aid:

To qualify for the Grant-in-Aid, applicants must fulfill the following criteria:

  1. Existing Grant: The applicant must already receive a Grant for Older Persons, Disability Grant, or a War Veteran’s Grant. The Grant-in-Aid is designed explicitly as supplementary assistance for those who benefit from these grants but need further aid due to their care requirements.
  2. Need for Full-Time Care: The applicant must require the full-time attendance of another person due to their physical or mental disabilities. This requirement aims to provide financial relief to those with disabilities so severe that they necessitate constant care and assistance.
  3. Institutional Care: The applicant must not be cared for in an institution that receives a subsidy from the State for the care or housing of such beneficiaries. The Grant-in-Aid targets those who still need to receive state-supported institutional care.

The Application Process:

Once the eligibility requirements are met, you can begin the application process. This involves gathering the necessary documents, including proof of your existing grant, medical confirmation of your need for full-time care, and evidence of your living situation to confirm that you are not in state-subsidized institutional care.

Upon preparing these documents, you can complete an application form and attend an interview at your nearest South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) office. Click here for more information about grants-in-aid.


The Grant-in-Aid is crucial in providing additional financial support to some of South Africa’s most vulnerable citizens who are already grant recipients and require full-time care due to physical or mental disabilities. Understanding the eligibility requirements, from the need for an existing grant to the necessity of full-time care and the condition regarding institutional care, is vital in successfully applying for and receiving this additional aid.

Beneficiaries can secure crucial financial assistance by ensuring these criteria are met, and the application process is followed correctly, providing a lifeline in managing their care needs.

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