Eligibility for SASSA Grants: Income Thresholds You Need to Know

Are you eligible for a SASSA grant? The key lies in your income and assets, which must fall below specific thresholds. Both permanent social grant seekers and SRD R350 grant applicants are subject to this rule. Your financial status, including monthly and annual income, as well as assets in your bank accounts or under your name, are assessed through the SASSA Means Test to determine eligibility for these crucial grants.

Qualifying Income Thresholds for SASSA Grants

SASSA offers a range of social grants, such as Child Support, Disability, Care Dependency, Older Person Grant, and the SRD R350 grant, each with its own income and asset criteria. The eligibility for these grants varies based on the applicant’s salary. We provide a comprehensive guide to the income thresholds for each of these grants, helping you understand if you qualify for SASSA financial assistance. Stay informed about these varying requirements to ascertain your eligibility for the appropriate SASSA grant.

SRD R350 Grant: 

Eligible applicants for the SRD R350 grant, a temporary aid for South African citizens and refugees, must have a monthly income below R624 and maintain a bank balance under this limit. Applications can be submitted monthly.

SASSA Child Support Grant: 

For the SASSA Child Support Grant, single applicants or caregivers need a monthly income under R4,000. Married couples should have a combined income below R8,000 per month. Permanent recipients must ensure their yearly income, including bank balance and assets, doesn’t exceed R60,000.

Foster Child Grant: 

This grant requires no income or asset assessment. It’s for caregivers appointed by a court to care for foster children. Apply with your court order documents and ID.

Care Dependency Grant: 

For children over 18, parents can apply if their monthly income is under R20,800, or R41,600 combined for both parents. Exceeding this limit leads to application denial.

Old Age Grant: 

Single recipients must have an annual income below R96,840. Couples are eligible with a combined monthly income under R16,140 and annual income below R193,680.

SASSA Disability Grant: 

Applicants should have a monthly income less than R16,140, or R193,680 annually for married couples. The income threshold is the same as for the Older Person Grant.

SASSA War Veterans Grant

For the War Veterans Grant, single applicants must have an annual income not exceeding R86,280. Married applicants are eligible if their combined annual income is below R172,560. Staying within these income limits is essential to maintain eligibility for the SASSA War Veterans Grant.

Income Limits for SASSA Grant Eligibility

Understanding the income limits for each SASSA grant type is crucial for qualification. Whether you’re a single individual or part of a married couple, your income must not exceed the specified maximum limits for the grant you wish to apply for. This step is vital before starting the SASSA online application process.

Now you know the answer to “How much must you earn to qualify for a SASSA grant?” Ensure your earnings stay below these limits to maintain eligibility for monthly SASSA funds.


Q: Is asset evaluation part of the SASSA grant eligibility process?

A: For certain grants like the Child Support Grant, your annual income, including assets, is assessed. However, some grants like the Foster Child Grant do not require asset assessment.

Q: Can I apply for a SASSA grant every month?

A: Yes, grants like the SRD R350 grant allow monthly applications. However, ensure your income remains within the eligibility limits each month.

Q: What documentation is needed to apply for a SASSA grant?

A: Generally, you need identification documents and proof of income. Specific grants may require additional documents, such as court orders for the Foster Child Grant.


Understanding how much you can earn to qualify for a SASSA grant is very important. If you’re applying for the first time or checking if you still qualify, knowing the income limits for each type of grant is essential. These limits can be different for single people and married couples, and they also vary depending on which grant you need. Make sure you have all your paperwork ready. This will make your application process smoother and help you get the financial help you need, when you need it. 

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